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Sunday, August 07, 2005

BGTG 29 -The Wife Show

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got my wife Candy to join me for a podcast. Considering how popular and everlasting the question "How can I get my wife/girlfriend to play games with me?" is on discussion boards, this podcast should be of interest to many. Candy plays games with me, sure, but she's not an avid hobbyist like myself. Or rather, she's got her own avid hobbies--boardgames just aren't one of them.

As I knew I would, this show was a lot of fun for me to record. Did I learn anything I didn't already know? Hmm, not much, I guess, but some. I still think Magic and CCGs are less geeky than roleplaying sessions, but perhaps this is splitting hairs. :-)

Sure enough, she did manage to record her own new podcast the same day, too. It's a much shorter show (~5 minutes for the first episode) about Candy's favorite hobby--reading fiction. You (or your significant other) may care to check it out at


A Good Read (Candy's own podcast, brand new!)
Word games: Scrabble, Fluster
Ticket to Ride


Blogger Jasen said...

Another great show Mark. I found it refreshing hearing Candy's perspective on boardgames. Similar to your situation, my wife Heather is also somewhat lukewarm to boardgaming. While she enjoys playing the games once she starts, the thought of boardgaming never really crosses her mind unless I happen to suggest it. I often am disappointed that that's the case - that I can't share this particular passion of mine with Heather to the degree that I'd like. That being said, your show served to remind me that: a) she is amazingly supportive of my boardgaming hobby, often accompanying me to boardgame nights I organize; and b) there's nothing wrong with us pursuing different interests, a lesson I've been reluctant to learn...until now!

A few other notes:
1. Glad to hear you're heading to BGG.con. Look forward to bumping into you, if our paths should happen to cross.
2. I'll be passing on Candy's podcast link to Heather as she's also an avid reader.
3. I recommend a trip to Kelowna BC if you're looking for another wine tasting trip. We've been twice in the last 3 years and can recommend a great little B&B.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Candy is cool.

Her voice reminded me of your daughter's voice. We don't normally think of recognizing similarities in voices as vision usually prevails. The fact that I've only ever heard either of them allowed me to notice the similarity.

Enjoyed getting your wife's perspective.. and hope to hear her and the kids down the road some day.



7:13 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, that last post was interesting...

Anyway, just listened to your show on the drive in - great job! (I had been wondering what happened to you over the last few weeks!) I'm not sure if you met my wife at GenCon SoCal back when we met. I don't think you did, so: she plays games, is part of our game group, goes to convensions, etc. But she is not into the hobby anywhere close to my level of obsession: no voracious surfing on BGG (she finally created an ID this year), minimal BSW play (started that this year, too), and she _chooses_ not to play games every single day vs. being forced not to play because of lack of opportunity!

I enjoyed hearing Candy's comments. It's hard for me to learn to gracefully accept what little gaming my wife gives! Well, it's something to work on, I suppose. Although there are so many games she refuses to play with me now (see this geeklist: ) that it is often difficult to find something we both want to play.

Welcome back, and keep up the good work!


PS You'll notice I have a Blogger ID now; I decided to put the files I sent you earlier, and some others, together in one place for convenience. Thanks for your help in setting that stuff up (I know you didn't know you were helping, but you were!).

6:57 AM  
Blogger Kimbo said...

One of the best BGTG shows yet Mark! Your wife's perspective was refreshing. I can rarely talk my wife into playing games. What mystifies me is that when she does agree to play, she quickly understands the rules and always plays well. Her disinterest in playing board/card games on a regular basis is so frustrating!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent show!

Matthew from Sydney

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really appreciate you putting your wife on the show, Mark. I actually played this in the car and my wife listened in, and she agreed MANY times with Candy's observations.

The part about the 'new rules' was really coincidental, as my wife and I just had a conversation about that the week before. I guess we gamers just love to try new games. It emphasizes a point of difference I think between a gamer and a non-gamer spouse.

It's also refreshing to hear about another pleasant, understanding wife. My wife, too, is a saint!

Another great show, keep poddin'!


1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

actually "Ross" means horse. It's just a poetic form of the word. Like "steed" maybe?

Anyway, I really enjoy your show, you're doing a great job. I hope this podcast will stay on the net for a while.

Thank you very much! : )

Greetings from Kaiserslautern, Germany

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting show, gotta say I did enjoy it :-)

While I can understand the "Gaming Widow", you might also consider Single Gal Gamers. There's less of us around, and it can be difficult to find a relationship that "gets" our gaming passion. Personally, I'd Much rather be gaming with friends vs the bar scene, in fact I'd much rather be gaming with friends than just about Anything else *LOL* What's With Gamer Guys??

Anyway, hope you don't delete this comment, as you should now realize that I'm a real person and not some web-based sex poser *LOL*


12:07 PM  

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