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Monday, May 16, 2005

My feet are on the ground, and I'm reaching for the stars!

It can't last--I know it can't--but all day I've been in the listing of Top 40 podcasts at This site is primarily a new podcatching service, one that works as a web application or downloadable client . . . or both, synchronized together. They've even got an audio player built into the website, allowing you to stream shows like mine. I've got a clickable link to the right that makes it a snap to subscribe. The client software looks very similar to iPodder, so I'm guessing they used similar development teams and tools. Pretty cool.

But right now the coolest thing is my highly-rated listing. ;) Like I said, at about 100-150 listeners, I'll be blown out of the water soon enough. I'll just enjoy my 15 minutes while I can.

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P.S. On the not-so-good front, I see the limitations of my entry level podcast hosting service are starting to make themselves felt: a few of my earliest shows are no longer downloadable, having been automatically archived at the host due to storage limitations. I could pay for increased service, find a new host altogether, or just leave things alone. For now, I'm taking the easy, least expensive route. As long as people download current shows within a couple weeks, they shouldn't miss anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bit new to all this. Can I download an MP3 from somewhere, or must I subscribe to a service?

12:32 AM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

You can just download the MP3 "manually," if you like. If there's a show associated with an entry in this blog, the link is the title of the entry itself.

For instance, the title to a recent post below, BGTG - May 16, 2005 (Conventions, Part 2), is also a link to

Download the file and use whatever you like to play it. Later, if you decide you'd like to automate the downloading process, use a program like iPodder or Podnova and paste in my feed,

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would definitely try to allow access to the old ones if possible. I have only just started listening, for example, and am listening to them 'front to back'...

8:07 PM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

I'm starting to think about restoring access to those older files. I have a few choices, which I'll detail in a later post (making some mention of it in a podcast). If it involves some expense, I may see if people are willing to donate a little to defray my costs. Don't know if that would turn people off, though.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

For those of you trying to access the older podcasts--try again. I think even the oldest ones should remain available through a behind-the-scenes archival process at my webhost. In other words, they ought to download just like the more recent files, though perhaps at a slightly slower speed. I'd appreciate any feedback on this from users.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you are using libsyn, and you seem to be doing things incorrectly. As you know when you upload an mp3 to libsyn it gets put on the good server. That has one URL. Then after a time it gets archived and the URL changes to the bad server URL.

There is a URL that will always work for your file no matter where it is. There is nothing wrong with libsyn, you are just using the wrong link.

7:00 AM  

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