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Friday, April 22, 2005

Thanks for the feedback (keep it coming!)

Ok, now the podcast has been "live" for a few days, folks have listened to some of the shows, and the feedback is starting to trickle in. Thanks very much. It's generally quite positive, which makes me feel good. But there are also some suggestions for improvements, and a couple instances of technical problems. These are all necessary for me to here if I'm to change anything. While I'm not yet sure myself about any editorial or format changes, I at least want to do what I can so that folks can actually listen to it!

Troubles recording to CDs?
One listener said he can hear my shows fine through his computer, but can't burn them to CD the way he does with Geek Speaks. That may be a problem related to some CD burners and the sampling rate I used. I'll use something more standard for the next show, and we'll see if that fixes things.

Broken links?
One person reported broken links, but others have clearly had no trouble. Then again, this listener also confused me with Mark JACKson. Clearly he hasn't been able to hear the first show yet. :-)

Droning on
Bless his heart, Derk gave my show some constructive criticism. I had this coming. Seriously, I appreciate his comments as much as anyone's, and I know what he means. Whether I can improve remains to be seen.

Session reports or not?
There were a couple calls to bring the audio session reports back. There were more responses in favor of the more focussed talk I had about El Grande in the 4th show. As someone who's always looking for more in-depth content on the net for our hobby, I can understand the latter. I'm just not sure I can deliver. But I ought to try, right? We'll see. I can certainly put the audio session reports back in. If they're at the end of the show, then they only make the download larger--anyone who doesn't care for it can just click the "next track" button on their audio player. I might try that.

How do you do that?
I don't want to spend much time in the podcast talking about how I do it, but there were some questions nonetheless. Especially since I want others to try podcasting, and since I've got a much simpler/cheaper setup than Derk & Aldie use for Geek Speak, I ought to describe it some. I know Michael Geoghegan of Reel Reviews did a couple "Podcasts about the podcast" so only the curious needed to listen (purely movie people could skip it). I might do a mini-show like that.

Future shows
Mike Mayer gave me a shopping list of suggested show topics to go with the handful I'd come up with on my own. I think later I'll post the combined list here and see what folks think.

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