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Monday, May 16, 2005

BGTG - May 16, 2005 (Conventions, part 2)

Finishing up the earlier theme show about conventions, this time covering invitational events like The Gathering of Friends and Gulf Games, then wrapping up with some of the smallest but best events, public Games Days.

At the end I mention the next theme show will be about the various game awards, and I'm asking for feedback/input about that topic in particular.

(No website for private events like the Gathering and Gulf Games, sorry!)
One and another entry from my old weblog about my trip to The Gathering in 2003
SoCal Games Day
Bay Area Games Day
Games Day Planning mailing list
My article in The Games Journal about planning SoCal Games Day
Slug-A-Thon must be dead now--it's got no website. Too bad.


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