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Sunday, May 01, 2005

BGTG - May 2, 2005 (SR: Settlers, Dancing Dice, Basari, Ra, San Marco, Xe Queo!, Ingenious, Star Wars Ep. 2 Card Game, Kapitan Wackelpudding)

Oof, that's a long title for this post. But I wanted that top line to tell people what's in this podcast, so that can see it in their RSS reader or podcast aggregator. This entire show is an audio session report. As you'll hear in the podcast, I received some good suggestions that I could kill two birds with one stone by keeping the session reports, just separating them out into their own show. That way they aren't shoehorned into the end of another show, the people that aren't into these things can easily skip them, and it helps keep the shows right around 30 minutes. (The last show was a little too long.)

The way I think of them, these audio session report podcasts will be inserted as-available into the schedule of other, themed shows like the ones I've been doing. So in my previous podcast I said the next one would be about game conventions. That's still true--my next themed show will be about that. The audio session report just pops in when I record it (i.e., today).

Game links: Settlers of Catan, Dancing Dice, Basari, Ra, San Marco, Xe Queo!, Ingenious, Star Wars Episode 2 Card Game, and Kapitän Wackelpudding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike and I were the two playing Jambo. The feeling's okay. We definately need to play this a few more times to give it a fair shake. Quite a few cards to become familiar with but they were all very simple and straight forward.

11:15 AM  

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