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Friday, May 20, 2005

A little tweaking

I did a little tweaking this afternoon, discovering that I had a way to check some more usage statistics than I'd previously known. One of them I can share right here on the sight: a little graphic at the bottom of my sidebar, tracking the number of listeners(?) using my feed. At least, I think that's what it's tracking. The poll (also at sidebar) indicated over half of my listeners are not using podcast aggregator software (e.g. iPodder, Podnova) at all, but continue to just download the audio files through their web browser. Maybe I'll start calling those folks right-clickers. :)

Since this podcast is something I'm doing for fun, I told myself I wouldn't, shouldn't care about usage stats and the like. And yet . . . once you find they're available, it's impossible not to look. It's also proving impossible for me to not care about whether my listener base increases or not! There, I admit it--I'd love to have more listeners. But if it doesn't happen, I can live with that. The download stats from my server look like I've got about perhaps 100-150 listeners (well, downloaders), the stats from the podcast feed (which won't include the right-clickers) are around 70, and the poll has 23 respondants as I write this. I imagine those are generally consistent with each other.

I'm not sure when I'll get to record another podcast. I'd like to do so this weekend, but with my inlaws coming to visit I may not get the chance. Remember that I want to talk about game awards in my next themed show, and am calling for feedback or questions relative to that topic. Not much (any?) response so far . . .


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