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Saturday, April 16, 2005

BGTG - April 16, 2005 (Game of the Month)

Ok, with four of these shows "in the can," it's time to go live with this podcast/blog. Right after I upload this show I'll spread the word online and we'll see what happens. Naturally I hope people like it, but I'd certainly understand some . . . ahem . . . constructive criticism. (Especially after I suggested some Tough Love for Geek Speak once.) Fair's fair.

As I mention near the end of this show, I don't have any good music to intro and "out-tro" this podcast. As cliche as that is, I think it's a nice touch, one I should work on. Any suggestions?

For this show I dispensed with the rudimentary format I'd sort of followed previously. In particular, I felt the need to include a full audio session report at the end of each show wasn't working. Better to spend more time on the general topic up front, and fold in some recent gaming experiences as it relates.

This show is all about Games of the Month. After describing the idea, I run down a list of all the GotMs we've tried in the Santa Clarita Boardgamers: Medici, Princes of Florence, Carcassonne, Verräter, Settlers, Industrial Waste, Formula De, Vinci, Frank's Zoo, Thru the Desert, Finstere Flure, Amun-Re, Euphrat & Tigris, New England, Nur Peanuts, Hansa, St. Petersburg, Anno 1503, Goa, and El Grande.

The last part of the show is spent talking about El Grande a little more, including some comparisons to Vinci (believe it or not).

All told, this show clocks in a little longer yet, now breaking the 30-minute mark by a few. Comments on that are appreciated, too.

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