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Sunday, February 22, 2009

More play-by-web

I'm doing that again (never stopped, really). Go to the usual sites (SpielByWeb, Mabiweb, to look for games I've started for BGTG podcast listeners, and the password for each is bgtg.

Also, if you go to the realtime sites Brettspielwelt or GameTableOnline (or the hybrid pbw/realtime site just added Arkadia in beta test), be sure to see if I'm online. I always go by the straightforward username MarkJohnson.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Did you leave me a voicemail?

Someone just did, and I'd like to respond on a future episode, but unfortunately he must've been calling on a cell phone with a poor signal. The audio drops out during all of the important words of his message, like his question why I don't do more shows about my ______ games. What was that? Or his name--that also dropped out.

If you're out there, please try again!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BGTG 89 - SR & Feedback (Viva Topo!, Slamwich, Tief auf Tier)

Before I can post any new shows, I wanted to clear the decks for some accumulated feedback, as well as follow-through on my previous blog entry about family gaming over the holidays. Again I brought I bag full of specially chosen games, and again we played some of them. Just a few, really, but I knew to expect that. This year my gaming was mostly confined to playing with my young nephews, which I enjoyed even now . . . and expect to enjoy in the future as I turn at least one of them into a gamer. :-)

A lot of the feedback focuses on Dominion, since it's still the hot game right now, and I shared my thoughts about it on the previous podcast. Plus there's one golden feedback about a dad playing HGSB with his kid.