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Friday, April 27, 2012

BGTG 122 - SR & Feedback (Würfel Bohnanza & Lords of Waterdeep)

Filling in the gaps between episodes with guests, I like to post episodes that let me simply talk about some games I've played lately, offer scattered opinions & thoughts about them, and then share some of the podcast's feedback. My listeners often have great suggestions and comments that expand upon topics discussed in previous episodes.

In this "Session Report & Feedback" show, I discuss Würfel Bohnanza, the new dice game version of one my all-time favorites, the original Bohnanza card game. Dice versions of games are hot right now, and I like quite a few of them (e.g. Settlers, Zooloretto).

Next I discuss Lords of Waterdeep. I didn't realize until researching for this episode that just about every other boardgame podcast has covered this one, as it's the "new hotness." Ha! I'm the last to the party. Well, it's a good game, worth discussing. In my case, what I like to talk about is my well-known preference AGAINST fantasy-themed games, yet how I like this one anyway because of it's smooth, positively euro-style gameplay...even while it keeps a trace of its Ameritrash/heavy-thematic roots.

From there, it's a funny contrast to consider The (Die) Speicherstadt, in some ways the quintessential "boring euro" with its historic theme, auction mechanics, and untranslated name. Yet it doesn't take me long to get enamored with all of those things, and now I've got a sight to see whenever I manage to visit Hamburg. :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mentioned a game "like 18xx but without the stock market". The name sounded like "Greentown". I cant find it on BGG. Did I get the name wrong? Please help.

Thank you.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

Yes, Greentown. Pretty sure it must be this one:

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>> Mark Johnson said...
>> Yes, Greentown. Pretty sure it must be this one:...

Thank you. I was confused by the light and fluffy graphics.

7:29 PM  

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