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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend gaming

This Thanksgiving we packed up the car to drive 300 miles to my folks' house. My brother did the same with his family, coming from the other direction. (California is a long state!) As usual, I packed up a bunch of games, knowing full well we wouldn't play all or even most of them. But we've got room in the minivan, and so why not pack different games so we have options. :-)

As it turned out, I did manage to play quite a few games this weekend, but not the ones you might expect. Although I got in a few games with just my brother, and one game with just my son, most of the games were with one or both of my young nephews. These are little guys, ages 5 and 3, so we're talking little kid games. Both of them, especially the older one, had a good time with them. In fact, I think that 5yo will be playing games with me for years to come, so I'm more than happy to spend the time on kid games now.

I think this would make a decent subject for a podcast, so maybe that's what I'll do next. I know there are gamer dads out there with kids this small that are chomping at the bit to play games with them. Perhaps this show will give you some ideas of good games to try.

Quickly, then, the games I played this holiday were Viva Topo!, Slamwich, Tier auf Tier, Rattlesnake, Cribbage, Poker, Zertz, and Dvonn.


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