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Friday, October 24, 2008

Essen photos

I mentioned it in the last podcast, and more than ever I recognize how influenced I am by the look of these games. I like reading the Essen first-impression reports, but I like seeing the photos even more. These days, you'd think you could do a search on "Essen spiel" in Flickr and find tons of photos, both from BGGers and average Germans who took photos & uploaded them. I've found a few that way, but not many.

Now the other reports and photo-pages are starting to trickle in, and so far the best I've found is at Milan Spiele. Looking through the Thursday (Donnerstag) photos, I see one game that jumps out at me: Windriver, by Argentum Verlag. It appears to be the designer's first game, and the publisher doesn't have a big track record, either. The rules are online, so I may have to actually read them. Heck, there's a good chance the game isn't so special. But it sure looks great to me. (I guess I'm a sucker for western themes, too. Doesn't that map look like the Little Big Horn area, with feeder streams into a larger river with mountains around?)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have also enjoyed the SPIEL pics at Milan. Judging form these and the Fairplay scoutaction I have decided to go for Comuni, Diamonds Club and Die Prinzen von Machu Picchu

Thanks for a great Pre-Essen show.


12:59 PM  

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