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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A show-and-a-half look forward

I'm wrapping up some editing on a show I recorded with David Gullett (davebo on BGG) about gamer dads, as well as his relatively recent entry to this hobby. Fun stuff, especially when we got both his kid and mine on the air for a few minutes near the end. There's just a little technical stuff on my end to work out and I'll get it posted here. (We actually recorded that podcast the day before I recorded All About La Città with Jonathan Degann.) Speaking of "technical stuff," I've now kicked off a little mailing list for fellow boardgame podcasters to share tips & techniques, ask questions & offer advice to each other, and so on. I've invited a number of current podcasters to the list already, but if I missed you out there, just come join us. And if anyone is thinking about starting a new podcast or just wants to hear more behind-the-scenes info, you're welcome, too. It's at .

Also, if you want another "homework assignment" to prepare for the next All About show, go play Vinci. That's the game I'm set to cover with returning guest BGTGer Dave Arnott. He did the All About Medici show with me some time ago, we played Vinci together just last night, and these podcasts are often a reflection of the sort of boardgame conversations we have over the phone. No, we're not geeks . . . :) Anyway, I'd guess that Vinci show is a couple weeks away. If possible, I'd love to get into the swing of giving everyone at least that much of a heads-up on upcoming All About shows. Sort of like those radio and tv-based book clubs.



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