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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

BGTG 48 - Jan. 14, 2006 - Retrospective on 2005

For a long time I've posted a retrospective on my past year in the hobby, first to, then spielfrieks, then my blog. This year, of course, I've shifted it over to a podcast episode. That's the first big shift. The other comes from not having kept track of my game stats last year. And yet . . . I still have things to say. :)


P.S. As I mention in the show, the call-in number for feedback. The new one is 206-222-BGTG (2484). Of course, you can still use Skype for free to send me a voicemail. My username there is 'boardgamestogo'.

Boardgame Podcasts: Boardgame Babylon (new!), The Vintage Gamer (still new!), Have Games Will Travel, The Dice Tower, It's Time 4 Games
Hits: Attacktix, Diamant, Elasund, Fjords, Mission Red Planet, Pingvinas, Tempus
Misses: Doom, Go West, Mall of Horror, Shear Panic
Games Unknown: too many to list!
Consistently good: Medici, Entdecker, Euphrat & Tigris, Bohnanza, En Garde, For Sale, , Settlers, Carcassonne, Web of Power, Vinci


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I always enjoy these retrospecitves. Thanks!

2005 was -- as the last several have been for me -- pretty dry game-wise. I found that having a small child (born 2000) took most of my time and energy that used to be spent on games.

Something really neat is beginning to happen now that my son is 5 years old: he is really interested in playing games with his old man! We shall see if that carries into his teen years (which are still a ways away)

We have been doing mostly simple stuff: checkers, connect four, and similar (not 'simple' as in 'nothing in the game', but simple as in 'simple to teach and play').

Much to my delight, he is keen on some of my German games. We play two player Through the Desert, and have a great time.

This particular episode has inspired me to try keeping track of my games in a year, just as I have typically kept tack of the books I read in a year.

Keep on 'casting!

Hank Alme (one of the original Tri-Valley Gamers)

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a high rating for both Web of Power and San Marco, and as far as I can tell, Kreta fits in a similar niche: quick area control for 2-4 players. I haven't played Web of Power, so I can't compare directly, but Kreta is a game I very much enjoyed. And it's Stefan Dorra, which is a designer whose offerings you've liked in the past. If you make it back up to the Tri-Valley, we can bust it out at the TVB table. :-)

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Another great show. You mentioned the Diggers list and I believe you've mentioned it before. Is it still active?

9:38 AM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

The private boardgame discussion list? Yep, it's still going. Actually, it's not "the" private discussion list. I'm sure there are a number of them out there--that's just the one I started with, way-back-when.

10:19 AM  

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