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Monday, November 15, 2010

BGTG 110 - All About the Easy Play games (with David Arnott)

At long last, another "All About" show, the format in which a guest and I talk through a particular game in great detail. This time we tried something a little different, discussing the entire series of fast-playing games in small, square boxes called Easy Play by German publisher Schmidt Spiele. Since we covered so many games in this episode, this is one of my longest shows ever, nearly two hours. I'd posted a question about that on Facebook/Twitter beforehand, and the answer was for me to put the show out as-is, not breaking it up into multiple episodes. Feedback is welcomed.

The Easy Play series consists of
Only some of the games have been published in English, but most can be purchased by gamers intent on finding them. Dave & I have played them all, and discuss our impressions of them. We naturally talk about some other titles by way of comparison. Finally, we briefly discuss (speculate, really) on the new Easy Play Kids line of MauseSause, Rakete, and Tipi.



Anonymous Davebo said...

Really enjoyed the show, Mark. I'm finding as I "mature" in this hobby I'm more and more likely to enjoy these lighter games. I think I've come to the realization that it's the people you play with, not the game, and the lighter the game the better the opportunity to enjoy each other's company.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great show... love the Dave Arnott episodes! Have only played one game in this series (Finito!) and it is definitely a hit with family and friends.

- Jay

P.S. Not sure if you deliberately pointed the web link in your post to the original Numeri instead of the separate Easy Play Numeri entry or not...

4:13 PM  
Blogger Joe Berger said...

Great episode once again Mark. I've never even heard of the Easy Play line — certainly going to look out for Finito! At one point you and Dave ponder whether there are any dice-based thematic games at all. Reiner Knitzia's Decathlon sprang to mind - I'd say it's probably as close as you could get to a themed dice game; I played with my kids recently and offered gold, silver and bronze medals (sweets) for the winners of each event.
Free to download here:
thanks again,

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Dave Arnott said...

LOL, the only reason I've played Knizia's Decathlon is becuase MARK set it up once. For about 10-12 of us :)

8:33 PM  
Blogger Joe Berger said...

Okay, well that could drag on . . !

10:06 AM  
Blogger Justus said...

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7:05 PM  
Anonymous Justus said...

DAMN YOU!! I had been traveling towards playing traditional cardgames due to the sweet collection of rules on And now that I've gotten around to listening to your latest batch of designer boardgames I wanna spend $$ again!

As always, keep pumping them out, its always a treat!

7:09 PM  
Blogger Justus said...

I just wanted to add a note that many of the games in the easyplay line do have PDF of rules that include english instructions. Its not easy to find, but you need to go to the "weblinks" section for on BGG for the individual game and there will be direct links to the rules on the schmidtspiele site.

8:43 AM  

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