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Thursday, May 01, 2008

BGTG 80 - Apr 29, 2008 - SR & Feedback (Galaxy Trucker & Key Harvest)

Finishing up my feedback backlog (my feedbacklog?), here's a show with audio comments from my listeners. Does that include Mr. Reliable for audio feedback, Mark Jackson? Sure does! He's here, along with a couple other guys that offer some good comments or questions related to some earlier episodes of BGTG.

Like all my feedback shows, that part is at the end, preceded by some game discussion. This time it's about two newer releases I've played a bit recently, Galaxy Trucker and Key Harvest. Both are releases from last fall's Essen, but that's where the similarity ends. GT is a realtime construction puzzle game with science fiction theming, while KH is a more deliberate and strategic contest themed around medieval farming. Very Richard Breese.


P.S. I've enjoyed playing more play-by-web games with my listeners. Now Hansa has moved from Mabiweb to designer Michael Schacht's own website . . . where new PBW offering Patrician has now appeared. Look for me & my games over there, too.


Blogger roses florist said...

Hi mark, appreciate again another solid podcast. I've recently purchased Galaxy Trucker and also wished there was a little more time pressure to the game. I've enjoyed the few games that I have managed so far..but again, like so many games these days, just doesn't offer the longetivity to keep me coming back IMO. I'm starting to consider that unless I get a game to the 10+ games, I'm not really getting my money's worth these days as so often I only get to play a game 3-4 times before we move on to the next game. One of the few games of recent times for me that has surpassed that golden number is Race for the Galaxy. It's a super quick game once everyone knows it. There's plenty of depth to the game. It plays out differently often enough for it not to get stale and samey. I love it. I'm not sure you've mentioned this game but perhaps you can reiterate it to me.
anyway, keep up the good work

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