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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Help me save an audio interview?

The last time I asked for help here, a listener in Germany enabled me to get a copy of Saturn, the beautiful wooden balancing game by Theta. Thanks again, Olav!

Now I've got a different sort of plea. Recently you've heard me say that I actually have some recordings made earlier in the year that were never posted. One of them, an interview with art & graphics professional Mike Doyle, is great material that I'd really like to get out to all of you. There's a problem with the audio, however, and unless that can be cleaned up I don't think it's fair to Mike to post it. (A show I did early in this podcast's history never got the audience it deserved because of audio quality issues.)

I wasn't able to clean up the show sufficiently using my audio editing tool (Audacity). Maybe someone else has more powerful tools that could do the trick, however. If you've got those tools and are willing to help, drop me a line and I'll get you the audio file.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can you obtain a copy of Saturn?

10:18 AM  

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