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Sunday, October 15, 2006

BGTG 63 - Oct 15, 2006 - Pre-Essen Show

Just like last year, I can't help sharing some of my excitement about the Essen game fair happening this week . . . even though I won't be going. I was lucky enough to be there in 2003, something that may never happen again. But you don't have to GO to Essen to be excited about all of the new game releases. Some of them have already been available for purchase from vendors, but most are making their debut this week. You can place an overseas order next week, wait a bit longer for various game importers to carry the titles. Or maybe you're lucky enough to know someone that's going in-person, someone with a little extra luggage space to pick up a few titles for you and bring them back.

Whatever your options, there's plenty to get excited about. As busy as I've been, I still make some time to scan the incredible Convention Preview page for Essen at It's so big, it has to be split into TWO pages. Don't kill a forest by printing it out, especially when it gets updated so frequently. Maybe the updates have finally stopped, but that's only because Rick himself is on an airplane, heading to Germany to report on the show in-person. Go back to to catch his updates, including photos. This time he's hoping to post some videos, too, which would be fantastic.



Blogger ekted said...

Nice show. I was following you along through the BGN Essen Preview pages.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great show. It’s great to hear your voice again.

I thought you overlooked a few games that have a lot of potential.

1. Hermagor by Emanuele Ornella (designer of Oltre Mare and Il Principe)

2. Die Baumeister von Arkadia by Rudiger Dorn (designer of Goa/Jambo/Trader/Louis XIV

3. Relikt by Rudiger Dorn (card game)

4. Salamanca

nice bits-

5. Tara- Seat of Kings

6. UR

Hope to hear more shows.


6:12 PM  
Blogger brienc said...

Great show, thanks Mark for firing up my excitement level for Essen. Keep up your show whenever you can, you have a lot of knowledge in this hobby. I look forward to your show every time I see it. You might not think that your session reports are not that interesting, but your commentary that extends past the games you played is terrific.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

Hey, I like the sound of that!

"commentary that extends past the games...played"

Seriously, this is what I'm trying to do. I'm glad it's working.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You mentioned a Thirty Years War podcast you listened to- do you remember what it is? I personally think the Thirty Years War is much more interesting than feudal Japan, but then what do I know...


8:34 PM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

The 30YW podcast (a series of them, actually) is the work of Professor Bob in his History According to Bob podcast. Recommended. Those particular podcasts have probably scrolled past his current list into the offline archives.

Yep, now you'd need to order one of his archive CDs. Disc #12 includes three podcasts on the subject (as well as more than 30 other shows--they're about 10-15 minutes each). He's also got one on the personality of Wallenstein in particular on another disk.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Flieger said...

Excellent show. When you started ratteling off game titles i thought: "Oh boy, that's gonna be a long one..." But you actually made it interesting to listen to. Thanks.

I have come to a similar realization as you did, regarding buying games. So many people in my game groups buy the latest games, that it really hasn't been neccessary for my to buy them. Now I try to snag up the occasional hard-to-get title, or the less popular games.

BTW: I have already become a History According To Bob junky, after your first mention of his podcast during the Havoc discussion.


1:59 PM  

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