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Monday, July 24, 2006

A podcast soon, I hope.

I've been advised in feedback to stop apologizing for being late on my podcasts. So I won't do that anymore, but I will point out that I'm more disappointed than anyone. I think from now on I'll plan on taking a 6-week hiatus from mid-June to the end of July, and another from mid-November to the end of the year. In fact, I've done both of those now--the trick is to plan for that in the future. Fellow podcaster Paul Tevis of Have Games, Will Travel takes breaks now & then, and in between those he says his podcast has distinct seasons. Sounds like a good idea to me, one I wish I'd done earlier.

Like before, the hardest part of getting back into the podcasts is doing the next one. If nothing else, I can do a session report show. But I'd rather do a themed show of some sort. Not only did my podcasting take some time off, I also went a few weeks without a regular game night. Bummer. I still got in some other games with my family, but that's a different kind of gaming. In fact, that's something my listeners will remember I've been wanting to record a podcast about.

Hmm, what have I been playing lately? I managed to have one game night at my place last week, and there I got to play For Sale, Dancing Dice, Samurai, I'm The Boss, Make Five, and Hyle 7 (the last two are abstracts, less well known). At a previous game night the month before we played Big Manitou and Mü. That session included Greg Parker, who joins us when he's visiting family in the area (Greg has been on the Garretts Games & Geekiness podcast.) Big Manitou was a lot better with the right rules, let me tell you. I still prefer the simpler original, however. Mü is one I've thought about featuring in an All About show. I'm far from an expert, but I've played enough to discuss the game. Mostly, I think it's the sort of game that warrants the level of discussion.

The show I think I'll record first, however, is one talking about my experiences with game stores. I heard some talk about this on The Dice Tower, but what really sparked my brain was hearing Eric Burgess' fascinating Boardgame Babylon series he calls "The Demise and Rise of the Friendly, Local Game Store."



Blogger E R Burgess said...

And here I was just about to write and ask when we would get to hear a new Boardgames To Go! I look forward to the next one and would love to hear an All About show for Mu - a game I really love and just don't get to play as much as I would like.

Looking forward to having you back on the iPod (and maybe seeing you at the August SoCal Gamesday? Illness kept me from the last two but this one, I'm crossing my fingers for!)


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