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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My wife's favorite type of boardgame

Wow, when I said my family gaming was starting to work, I wasn't kidding! Last night my wife & I played our new copy of On The Underground.

Not only that, but this was a game she requested, or at least she agreed that it sounded interesting after I described it to her the week before. That was after I'd played it for the first time at my local game group, and thought the mechanics and--especially--London theme would be a hit since we'd just made plans to take the family to London in April. I was confident enough that I ordered a copy for myself immediately. Most of that story is a fairly typical experience for me: think a game might be a good fit for Candy & I to play together, then order it. And though it does happen, it doesn't always work out that she likes it. (Paris Paris is an example of one that struck out.)

Yesterday she mentioned during the middle of the day that she might like to try On The Underground in the evening. We played it, she beat me handily without any handicapping or holding back (I don't do that), and she enjoyed the game. It took a bit over an hour, which was a longer than the games we usually play together (e.g. Thurn & Taxis), but she still liked it.

Not only that, but in talking about it afterward she observed that she liked "these sort" of games, in general. I asked, and we figured out that meant connection games like T&T, OTU, and Ticket To Ride. Holy cow! My wife has a favorite type of boardgame!


P.S. Any tips on maximizing the sale of Deluxe/Limited edition of the Lord of the Rings? This is the same cooperative boardgame by Knizia, only published by Sophisticated Games, and comes with a metal ring, metal figures, and a numbered edition print. The game itself is a numbered edition, too, as I recall. I don't have any idea how to price the game for sale through the BGG marketplace, and there aren't even any recent games sold on ebay. Not this edition, anyway, just the more common one.


Blogger Unknown said...

Good to hear that your wife likes this type of game. In actuality, my wife loves Ticket to Ride and Thurn and Taxis, but she may not get the chance with On the Underground as I didn't care for it much.

As for the LOTR game - a shame you didn't make it to Orccon 2007 to get Knizia to sign it and make it more valuable for sale. He's still there as I type if you want to go down there and increase the value of your collectible there...


10:09 AM  
Blogger Yehuda Berlinger said...

Long time no hear, Mark.


4:20 AM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

Yeah... I actually recorded a show last week, talking about a number of Adlung Spiele games. Just needs a little editing, then I should be able to post it. We head for a week's vacation on Friday (no, not the Gathering!), so I want to get it up there before then.

8:00 AM  

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